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Local Youth Raise Funds for Mental Health Clinic Serving Black & Brown MPLS Community on Lake Street


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Minnesota Knanaya Catholic Youth League

Shakopee Diversity Alliance
P.O. Box 596 Shakopee, MN 55379


A donation of $4846.90 was presented to Abdulahi Mohamed, Clinical Director, of Metro Behavioral Health, LLC, in Minneapolis on September 10th, 2020. Presenting the gift on behalf of the fundraising partner of the Minnesota Knanaya Catholic Youth League (KCYL) and the Shakopee Diversity Alliance (SDA) is Anjali Thomas Mukalel, Emily Mathew Puthukalam, and Justin Korah Achirathalackal.

Ms. Thomas, Minnesota KCYL president, and SDA youth ambassador, along with KCYL members, Mr. Korah, and Ms. Mathew, were inspired to provide support and assistance to small businesses damaged during the uprisings after the death of George Floyd. “We are heartbroken at the pain suffered by our black and brown sisters and brothers and wanted to show our support in some small way. Supporting the community’s mental health needs at this challenging time was identified as a priority among our partners in this effort,” explained Ms. Thomas. The donated funds were raised via GoFundMe® efforts in Minnesota and personal fundraising efforts by the youth involved with private donors. “We were so excited that Anjali wanted to make a social impact by supporting a mental health organization that’s at the heart of Lake Street. It’s so important for youth to know they can drive real change and that’s exactly what these youth want to do,” said SDA President, Ana Vergara.

Metro Behavioral Health, LLC, provides comprehensive, culture-specific mental health services by licensed mental health clinicians using holistic and strengths-based approaches. “Our clinic was completely destroyed by fire following the riots sparked by the unjust killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer. Vital community resources including ten years of research, documents, client records, and office material were lost. The rebuilding process has been slow but with your donation, we hope to avoid disruption or discontinuance of vital mental health services provided to our community,” said Abdulahi Mohamed, Clinical Director of Metro Behavioral Health, LLC. The proceeds of this fundraiser will be utilized to purchase office furniture, deposit for the rent, renovations, and office supplies.

KCYL is a youth-led organization based on economic mobility, spiritual development, and social networking of Knanaya Catholic Youth. KCYL promotes unity and progress with youth. This included its national sister branches Knanaya Catholic Youth League of North America (KCYLNA) and Knanaya Catholic Congress of North America (KCCNA). In addition, MN KCYL collaborated with local state KCYLs including Tampa, Canada, Sacramento, Miami, Houston, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, San Jose, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

The Shakopee Diversity Alliance is a community-based nonprofit organization made up of volunteers with different ethnic backgrounds and faiths who live in Shakopee and/or work or volunteer in Shakopee. Its goals include strengthening the engagement of the city’s diverse population, improving communication, fostering positive relationships, and making the community more welcoming to all residents. SDA has recently created special Youth Ambassador positions on its board and in this case, promoted this fundraiser on its social media platforms/ provided ongoing support to the youth involved. For more information, contact SDA President, Ana Vergara at


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